CCTV Twice Thumbed Up to "XCMG Scientific Work Resumption"!

On the morning of February 13, Live News of the CCTV news channel focused on XCMG's intelligent production workshop. 

On the evening of February 12, CCTV News focused on XCMG's scientific epidemic prevention and precise work resumption.




On February 13, "Fighting Against the Epidemic • Special Report" of Live News on the CCTV news channel turned its camera lens to work resumption sites in different areas, which gathered power for fighting against the epidemic.


In the critical periods of epidemic prevention & control and work resumption, XCMG's first intelligent production line, built based on efforts of many years, shows its unparalleled advanced advantages and draws special attention of the CCTV news channel.


In the evening of February 12, CCTV News paid special attention to 21 measures XCMG issued recently for supporting the development of medium-sized and small enterprises and took XCMG as the first case. 

Scientific scheduling - intellectualization assists in production improvement


An intelligent production line that is compatible with 18 processes and can produce more than 20 kinds of products is working at a high speed. On this production line, one worker can control 10 machines, replacing a large number of manual operations. Intelligent operations reduce gathering of workers while the production efficiency is multiplied.


Following CCTV camera lens, you can see the interlocking production line running at a high speed and busy & orderly intelligent robots at the first sight in the intelligent production workshop. In this workshop, more and more work is being finished through machines and complex control systems automatically and accurately. Therefore, while epidemic prevention requirements are perfectly met, the production efficiency can be improved.

Affected by the epidemic, the original work resumption date for various industries was delayed by 10 days. Enterprises on the engineering manufacturing industry - "National Weight" continue to receive rich international orders. Therefore, successive starting of domestic key projects, enterprise scientific dispatching, precise work resumption, and playing a good supporting role of the national economy are crucial to epidemic prevention and control.

In the interview, Sun Jianzhong introduced that the enterprise is dynamically and scientifically revising the production plan to ensure the market supply. He mentioned that orders of exporting products to countries and regions along "The Belt and Road" in Middle East, Africa and Central Asia are urgent and are preferentially processed. In addition, the enterprise preferentially meets remands of national key projects. For example, large-tonnage cranes of 220 tons or above are always being fully and rapidly produced for construction of national key projects.

Precise work resumption and multiple measures assist in epidemic prevention


The production frontline is also the epidemic prevention frontline. Highly intelligent production does not mean epidemic control relaxation and abandonment. The production frontline is also the epidemic prevention frontline. Highly intelligent production does not mean epidemic control relaxation and abandonment. Since the outbreak of epidemic, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has made a rapid response, put epidemic prevention and control in the same important position as work resumption, efficiently deployed and implemented disinfection and prevention measures, and ensured that epidemic prevention materials, such as thermometers, masks, disinfectants, etc. were purchased and distributed in place at the first time, as well as resolutely implemented the leading-official watch system with no place being ignored. 

On the first day of the lunar year 2020, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. set up the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office, and established the emergency plan and epidemic prevention and control network to arrange epidemic prevention and control work comprehensively, unconditionally respond to the government's call and implement policies, and to lay the foundation for scientific work resumption.

We will successfully accomplish our mission.