China Railway Express Train for XCMG Set Out!

10 o'clock a.m. on February 14

"XCMG” train of China Railway Express, with all kinds of XCMG construction machinery products loaded, set out from China Railway Freight, Xuzhou to Moscow.

This is the first export train set out from Xuzhou during the epidemic period.

At the departure ceremony, Xu Donghai - deputy mayor of Xuzhou City, announced the official setting out of "XCMG” train of China Railway Express. Since the end of January 2020, affected by novel coronavirus, China Railway Express around China cannot set out normally. On the premise of ensuring operating personnel's security and health protection, "XCMG” train of China Railway Express overcome all kinds of difficulties, insisted in serving the enterprise, and helped the local leading enterprise to expand the overseas market.

"XCMG” train of China Railway Express, as a special one with 50 containers of cargo loaded, set out from China Railway Freight, Xuzhou, will pass through Manzhouli, and finally arrive in Vorotynsk station of Moscow. The cargo is all construction machinery products of XCMG and includes nearly 100 sets of various equipment and accessories.


XCMG Logistics, within less than 20 hours, completed disassembly of dozens of products and packing of 50 high cabinets, and finished disassembly, packing, dispatching and other works in time and quantity. 

Wu Jianglong said that it used to take more than one month to go to Russia and Europe, but now it takes only half a month or two weeks, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

"XCMG” train of China Railway Express developed a more secure, efficient and convenient "through train" for XCMG and foreign customers. Compared with transportation modes in the past, China Railway Express is characterized by the short transportation distance, fast speed and high safety and is less affected by the natural environment, not only greatly reducing the operation time and logistics cost, but also greatly improving competitiveness of XCMG products in international market!


At present, XCMG products have been sold to 63 countries and regions along "The Belt and Road" and ranked the 1st of export market shares in 30 of these counties. In 2019, relying on the "XCMG” train of China Railway Express, XCMG dispatched near 1000 high containers in total, valuing about RMB 300 million.

It is reported that on February 22 and 29, 2020, two export trains, with XCMG loaders, graders, road rollers and other construction machinery loaded, will leave for Russia. This also marks the recovery to full running of China Railway Express in Xuzhou. During the epidemic period, the recovery to full running of China Railway Express is particularly significant for enterprises to develop the international market.

As the core competence platform for XCMG to build an efficient and integrated supply chain and comprehensively developing the logistics industry, XCMG Logistics takes orders by 24 hours, implements dynamic real-time communication and cooperation with the full transportation route monitored, collects and schedules resources intensively and scientifically, actively knows the dispatching plan and optimizes product dispatching solution, and ensures that the rush orders are delivered as soon as possible by relying on the XCMG intelligent logistics information platform under the epidemic prevention and control situation.


Customer orientation, transport capacity improvement and flexible scheme help fully guarantee dispatching demands of the overseas market. During the Spring Festival and the epidemic situation, XCMG Zhilian Logistics dispatched products of orders for the overseas market and exported 448 products in 11 categories in total to 15 countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.